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Welcome to Delta Virtual Airlines! We are a group of flight simulation enthusiasts who operate on the VATSIM network using Microsoft Flight Simulator with live VATSIM voice Air Traffic Control.  Are you interested in aviation or even a future pilot career? Then Delta Virtual just might be the place for you! Click Here for more information about Delta Virtual Airlines, and as we say, "Welcome Aboard!"

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4771 - DAL1012A - KORF to KATL

4770 - DAL1012 - KATL to KORF

4767 - KAL683 - RKSI to VVTS

4766 - SKW4617G - KSLC to KMCI

4763 - DAL1545 - KATL to KPHL

4761 - DAL624 - KBOS to EGLL

4756 - DAL599 - PHNL to RJFF

4754 - DAL1498 - KATL to KSAN

Pilots Online as ATC
Callsign Name
KSEA_ATISCraighton Miller
SEA_1_CTRCraighton Miller
New Hires
  Pilot Name Hub
US Carlvon Sirls KMSP
SA Vasudev Jayan EHAM
CR Jurgen Hempel EHAM
IE Ronan Quigley EHAM
US James Rushing KATL
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Random Screenshot
Submitted By Will - DAL864
On - 03/11/2014
Total Pilots 172
Total Hours 5,906
Total Flights 1,601
Total Miles 2,315,894
Total Schedules 12,969
Total Aircraft 332
Total Flights Today 0
Pilots Online 1
Guests Online 14
Pilot Recruitment Status Open
Staff Recruitment Status Open